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Gallery Talks with the Curators of ANU

(Held in Hebrew)

Gallery talks allow insights as to the making of an exhibition, focusing on the individual stories of artifacts, films and interactives in the museumThursday, December 2 2021 at 6pm

Gallery Talk with curator Irit Shapira Meir: Time traveling with exhibits. A tour highlighting individual stories of items, from the tracing stage, then the selection and classification process, and finally the displaying of each item

Thursday, December 16 2021 at 6pm

Gallery Talk with curator Assaf Galay: Culture and More. Assaf will talk about the Jews’ place in world’s culture, focusing on the curatorial processes of the theater, dance, cinema, music, literature and art sections in the museum, while the big question is always: what makes the art or artist Jewish

Tuesday, January 11 2021 at 1pm

?Gallery Talk with curator Michal Houminer: Films in the Museum. How to tell a story in a film? What are interactive displays? How do films integrate in the overall museum display, and what are the curatorial considerations

Thursday, January 27 2021 at 1pm

Gallery Talk with Dr. Orit Shaham Gover, Chief Curator: Planning a museum; selecting the stories; and displaying the contents. A talk about both the theoretical and practical decisions in the planning process of ANU – Museum of the Jewish People


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